Infosecurity (Gran knows why)

Collected works of Arjen Kamphuis
Preface by prof. dr. Bart Jacobs

Hardcover edition

We live in challenging and confusing times for many following societal developments.
Technology is rapidly changing our lives, society and the world.
The times of blind and uninformed tech optimism are coming to and end. It's
time to have a real conversation.

Arjen Kamphuis (1972) was a prolific speaker, writer and activist on the topics
of digital rights,open source software, creative commons, privacy and mass
surveillance. Inspired by his grandmother, he worked relentlessly to create
awareness for a more free and democratic society, up until his mysterious
and unresolved disappearance during a holiday in Bodo, Norway in August 2018.

Arjen's closest friends and associates have taken the initiative to catalogue the
Dutchman's most thought-provoking and visionary words into this publication.

This book is for anyone invested in what the future will hold for humanity, and
to be inspired on how to create a more safe, just and free world with the help of
technological advancements.

Because Arjen's message is more important than ever.

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Infosecurity (Gran knows why) (Hardcover)

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